Irma furniture in the UK

Irma is a new, inte­re­sting pro­po­si­tion. It is cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a com­bi­na­tion of modern design with two cur­ren­tly very fashio­na­ble color variants. The first variant is a com­bi­na­tion of matt whi­te with a whi­te gloss. This is the most fashio­na­ble color com­bi­na­tion. The given color variant con­ta­ins 2 colors of inserts in the set. Stan­dard whi­te insert and oak magic, thanks to which the ubi­qu­ito­us whi­te was bro­ken here. This solu­tion intro­du­ces varie­ty during the use of the fur­ni­tu­re. Your salon does not have to be boring. Buy­ing one solid, you gain the abi­li­ty to chan­ge the insert whe­ne­ver you want. The second color variant is the oak-colo­red body and the front in whi­te gloss. The Irma col­lec­tion has a quiet door clo­sing sys­tem as stan­dard, tem­pe­red glass in the win­dows and exter­nal ligh­ting. Fami­lia­ri­ze your­self with our full ran­ge of Polish fur­ni­tu­re in the UK by clic­king the linkPRZEJDŹ DO SKLEPU

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