Namek is another Polish youth furniture in the UK

Namek is Polish youth fur­ni­tu­re that suits both a child’s room and a teena­ger. This col­lec­tion is distin­gu­ished by sim­ple forms and sub­du­ed colors that will cre­ate a uni­ver­sal base for a child’s room of all ages. A lar­ge num­ber of ava­ila­ble ele­ments neces­sa­ry at eve­ry sta­ge of child deve­lop­ment gives you the possi­bi­li­ty to com­bi­ne toge­ther beds, dres­sers, cabi­nets and she­lves. The spa­ce cre­ated in this way will be con­du­ci­ve to eve­ry­day acti­vi­ties in both lear­ning, play­ing and resting.
A sim­ple han­dle in the form of a light gray slat, it will faci­li­ta­te access to the con­tents of cabi­nets and dra­wers. In a com­for­ta­ble bed the child will rega­in strength, it will be ple­asant to rest and start the day. It is impor­tant to cho­ose the right fra­me and mat­tress for the bed. The high head­bo­ard allows you to rest com­for­ta­bly, and at the same time pro­tects the wall from dirt, and the cushion aga­inst slip­ping. We recom­mend using the Namek dra­wer ava­ila­ble in the col­lec­tion.

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