NEW models — Vox Meble

New models of the VOX Meble fur­ni­tu­re manu­fac­tu­rer the­re are such sys­tems of youth fur­ni­tu­re as: Con­cept, Sti­ge and living room fur­ni­tu­re: Fra­me. Now also ava­ila­ble in the UK

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  1. The VOX Meble manu­fac­tu­rer is one of the leading Polish fur­ni­tu­re manu­fac­tu­rers. The deve­lop­ment and acqu­isi­tion of a strong posi­tion in the indu­stry was possi­ble due to the pas­sion asso­cia­ted with design and design. The latest design com­bi­ned with spe­cial atten­tion to func­tio­na­li­ty and advan­ced tech­no­lo­gy, affect the uni­qu­eness of the­se fur­ni­tu­re. The quali­ty of VOX fur­ni­tu­re is con­fir­med by nume­ro­us atte­sta­tions, cer­ti­fi­ca­tes, distinc­tions and medals awar­ded at tra­de fairs both at home and abroad.
    The com­pa­ny coope­ra­tes with many desi­gners in cre­ating a col­lec­tion of fur­ni­tu­re and deco­ra­ti­ve artic­les. The upda­ted offer of the­se Polish fur­ni­tu­re is also ava­ila­ble in the UK.

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