Wardrobes and chests of drawers-Idea

We pre­sent you our new pro­duct on offer: Polish UK fur­ni­tu­re, and at the same time a novel­ty on the Bri­tish mar­ket — Idea cabi­nets and che­sts. They are an excel­lent pro­po­si­tion for equ­ip­ping your flat with one of the most prac­ti­cal pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re that is a war­dro­be. Witho­ut a war­dro­be, it is dif­fi­cult to ima­gi­ne the possi­bi­li­ty of order­ly sto­ra­ge of a lar­ge amo­unt of clo­thing. Idea cabi­nets are war­dro­bes with sli­ding doors and unli­ke cabi­nets with hin­ged doors the­re is no need for addi­tio­nal spa­ce to be set asi­de to get to the sto­red items. The­se cabi­nets also have a prac­ti­cal mir­ror on the fronts. You cho­ose a prac­ti­cal dres­ser in the same sty­le and the same color. Fur­ni­tu­re in good quali­ty, and at the same time cheap.

idea_arrange_safa_uk idea.indd idea.indd

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