Trixo furniture — a simple way to a successful interior

With Tri­xo fur­ni­tu­re, you will arran­ge a room so that the­re is spa­ce for rela­xa­tion, work, stu­dy and fami­ly film scre­enings. Living room in a modern sty­le always works. Cle­an sur­fa­ces and an imma­cu­la­te color of shi­ny whi­te accen­tu­ate the mini­ma­lism of the com­po­si­tion and cre­ate a prac­ti­cal spa­ce. The fur­ni­tu­re has been desi­gned so that it can be easi­ly com­bi­ned with each other and cre­ate sys­tems that will meet the needs of the house­hold. Not only design, but also com­fort is what distin­gu­ishes this fur­ni­tu­re. Care was also taken to ensu­re the use of guide rails in silent clo­sing sys­tems. Depri­ved of unne­ces­sa­ry deta­ils and han­dles, fur­ni­tu­re fronts open and clo­se com­for­ta­bly thanks to the men­tio­ned acces­so­ries. The fur­ni­tu­re is ava­ila­ble in a fashio­na­ble whi­te color. Fur­ni­tu­re fronts are fini­shed with a high gloss. Do you cho­ose what color will be divi­ding the slat — gray tung­sten or matt white?


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