Possi Air — an even fresher look at design

If you are looking for inno­va­ti­ve solu­tions and geo­me­tric forms then the­se fur­ni­tu­re are for you. Possi Air is a col­lec­tion that will fit into any arran­ge­ment. Visu­al­ly light and eco­no­mi­cal sty­le adds ele­gan­ce to a modern inte­rior. The cha­rac­ter of the col­lec­tion is empha­si­zed by deco­ra­ti­ve ele­ments in four color ver­sions: whi­te, gray tung­sten, red and gol­den sibiu larch. Com­for­ta­ble use is ensu­red by a silent clo­sing system.

Cre­ate a stun­ning arran­ge­ment of the living room and bedro­om today thanks to the ava­ila­ble 4 variants of color fronts: whi­te, gray tung­sten, red and gol­den sable larch. An inte­re­sting solu­tion is the roun­ded edges of the fronts, which pro­tru­de abo­ve the body of the body acting as handles.

Renow­ned acces­so­ries with a silent clo­sing sys­tem ensu­re com­for­ta­ble use of the fur­ni­tu­re eve­ry day. Ele­ments of Possi Air you can put low legs: wooden, metal or pla­stic to cho­ose from.

Out of production

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