Optica furniture — a contemporary approach to design

Modern inte­rior with Black Red Whi­te fur­ni­tu­re is now very sim­ple. The puri­ty of forms and the game of deta­il distin­gu­ish this sys­tem from other fur­ni­tu­re in the UK. The fur­ni­tu­re blocks seem light and deli­ca­te, and the ste­el-colo­red han­dles cre­ate a uni­que design. The slan­ted edges of the fronts in com­bi­na­tion with the discre­et legs com­ple­te the who­le. The fur­ni­tu­re is found in very fashio­na­ble gray, which per­fec­tly com­bi­nes with a some­what exo­tic wood gra­in print in the color of colum­bia nut. Ele­gant win­dows have LED ligh­ting as stan­dard, and the dra­wers are equ­ip­ped with guides with a silent clo­sing sys­tem. Thanks to uni­ver­sal modu­les, the col­lec­tion offers func­tio­nal pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re with the possi­bi­li­ty of free com­pi­la­tion. Each modu­le can be fre­ely com­bi­ned with ano­ther and thus cre­ate your own ver­sion of the prac­ti­cal inte­rior. You can easi­ly arran­ge a living room and a dining room, as the sys­tem also inc­lu­des tv cabi­nets, che­sts of dra­wers, han­ging cabi­nets, a book­ca­se, a roomy 2‑door war­dro­be and a cha­ir and a bench.


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