Bergen — a delightful combination of geometric forms

Ori­gi­nal deta­ils and sub­du­ed colors, this is what distin­gu­ishes this fur­ni­tu­re. They work per­fec­tly in the living room and in the bedro­om. A sim­ple form of solids is deco­ra­ted with a cha­rac­te­ri­stic “inden­ta­tion” in the side edges. Com­ple­men­ting the sha­pe of the fur­ni­tu­re is also a pro­tru­ding, stra­ight plinth and cut edges of the fronts. Warm colo­ra­tion of larch sibiu gol­den wood will give the inte­rior a uni­que cli­ma­te and a cohe­rent who­le. Bran­ded acces­so­ries with a silent clo­sing sys­tem allow com­for­ta­ble use of the fur­ni­tu­re eve­ry day.

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