Arendal-furniture with a timeless accent in the living room

Time­less fur­ni­tu­re, at the same time ele­gant and effec­ti­ve. Bet on sub­tle gou­ges and bold accents in the Aren­dal col­lec­tion. The clas­sic color of whi­te was bro­ken with natu­ral wood in the cor­ners of the solids, and the vene­ered inserts pier­ce in the spa­ces betwe­en the dra­wers and cabi­nets. The cabi­net fronts are deco­ra­ted with ver­ti­cal mil­ling cut­ters that add cha­rac­ter to the inte­rior. The modern line is empha­si­zed by with no han­dles fronts, tem­pe­red glass and LED ligh­ting. Use the dres­ser, book­she­lves, rtv cabi­net and shelf and cre­ate an ori­gi­nal living room. Easy access to the con­tents are pro­vi­ded by hid­den han­dles in the form of gro­oves in the upper part of the fronts.

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