With Luca Juzi furniture, create a Provencal interior

Cozy, bri­ght, home made arran­ge­ments in the Pro­ven­cal sty­le. Now also ava­ila­ble in our fur­ni­tu­re sto­re in Lon­don. Memo­ries of sun­ny holi­days come to life thanks to the col­lec­tion of Luc Juzi. Sim­ple lumps are deco­ra­ted with sti­les on the fronts, which empha­si­ze the sty­le. Bri­ght bodies and light-colo­red larch-colo­red fronts bre­ak the dar­ker tops in the dark sono­ma oak colo­ring. The cha­rac­ter of the line is empha­si­zed by heavy han­dles in the color of old iron. With the col­lec­tion of Luc Juzi you can arran­ge a func­tio­nal youth room, bedro­om, living room and offi­ce. Sze­ro­ki wybór na tanie, jak i te dla bar­dziej wyma­ga­ją­cych pol­skie meble w UK.

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