The new col­lec­tion of Median fur­ni­tu­re com­bi­ned with aco­ustic fabric will sure­ly appe­al to all fans of modern fur­ni­tu­re sty­le. Thanks to the unu­su­al com­bi­na­tion of mate­rials and the use of aco­ustic fabric trans­mit­ting sound. The­se mate­rials were hid­den behind the fronts of the spe­akers. The ori­gi­nal com­bi­na­tion of whi­te in high gloss with a gra­phi­te aco­ustic fabric.
The ran­ge of solu­tions used faci­li­ta­tes eve­ry­day use, inc­lu­ding guides and hin­ges with a quiet house. Led light pla­ced in the fur­ni­tu­re stan­dard affects the cozy atmo­sphe­re. The sys­tem con­si­sts of 14 ele­ments, inc­lu­ding dres­sers, stan­ding and han­ging cabi­nets, han­ging cabi­nets and TV cabi­nets. This is an inte­re­sting pro­po­si­tion for people who want to equ­ip the­ir home with an inte­re­sting design.


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