Graphite Brindisi

Are you looking for modern fur­ni­tu­re for your apart­ment, and most of the fur­ni­tu­re cur­ren­tly offe­red occurs in whi­te and black com­bi­na­tions? We have some­thing dif­fe­rent for you.
The latest col­lec­tion of Brin­di­si is a sty­lish col­lec­tion ava­ila­ble in gra­phi­te color. Sim­ple con­struc­tions of solids and uni­ver­sal color were bro­ken here with ori­gi­nal han­dles in the color of San Remo Oak. Thanks to the vario­us lumps, you will cre­ate a cohe­rent arran­ge­ment of the living room and the hall.

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