Brussel from Black Red White in London

The Brus­sel col­lec­tion is a novel­ty from the Black Red Whi­te fur­ni­tu­re manu­fac­tu­rer. Clas­sic fur­ni­tu­re inspi­red by colo­nial sty­le. The mas­si­ve con­struc­tion of the fur­ni­tu­re and the­ir warm stir­ling oak color will attract eve­ry­one­’s atten­tion. Atten­tion to deta­il, slats on the fronts, thic­ke­ned sides and mini­ma­list han­dles. Disco­ver the possi­bi­li­ties of com­bi­ning Brus­sel fur­ni­tu­re and cre­ate an ele­gant and time­less arran­ge­ment of the dining room and living room.

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