Polish furniture UK

Euro Fur­ni­tu­re com­pa­ny offers a wide ran­ge of polish fur­ni­tu­re in UK. We are based in Lon­don at Stan­mo­re. We have many years of expe­rien­ce in the fur­ni­tu­re mar­ket. Fur­ni­tu­re can be orde­red by visi­ting our sto­re, onli­ne via our shop onli­ne or by pho­ne. We pro­vi­de short lead times, pro­fes­sio­nal advi­ce and servi­ce. We are an autho­ri­zed distri­bu­tor some famo­us and repu­ta­ble polish fur­ni­tu­re pro­du­cers in the Uni­ted King­dom, such as: Black Red Whi­te (BRW), Bog­fran, Meble VOX, Cama Fur­ni­tu­re, Dignet and many more.
We offer a wide ran­ge of uphol­ste­red fur­ni­tu­re — more than 200 models with sle­eping func­tion and with bed sto­ra­ge: cor­ner sofa beds, sofas, che­ap sofas (wer­sal­ki), arm­cha­irs, poufs. We also offer fur­ni­tu­re for chil­dren and for young people, living room fur­ni­tu­re, offi­ce fur­ni­tu­re, dining room fur­ni­tu­re, bedro­oms, entran­ce halls, mat­tres­ses — over 3000 units in both modern and clas­sic sty­le. Fur­ni­tu­re are sold as self-assem­bly pac­ka­ges. Our com­pa­ny offers the assem­bly servi­ce, but the pri­ce is not inc­lu­ded.
Check out the latest trends and design of polish fur­ni­tu­re. We are regi­ste­red UK com­pa­ny with more than 10 years expe­rien­ce in fur­ni­tu­re mar­ket-you can trust us. Be one of tho­usands of satis­fied custo­mers and ple­ase visit our 1000m2 London’s fur­ni­tu­re show­ro­om.
NOTE: We have a wide ran­ge of fur­ni­tu­re ava­ila­ble on display and on stock. The­re is also free par­king for guests.

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